2012 Beneficiaries

2012 Annual Toy Drive did not raise the amount we had hoped for and of the 5 beneficiaries listed below, we could only choose one. The Ethembeni Children’s Home is in the most need. They are the selected 2012 beneficiary.
The items will be delivered on 17 December 2012.
Meet our 2013 beneficiaries, 5 beneficiaries, all in need of supplies for children. All we ask is R50, we do the rest.
  1. Acres of Love
    Acres of Love is a legally registered South African NPO, which owns and operates homes for abandoned infants and children; providing a non-institutional setting and pristine environment for the infants and children rescued and entrusted into our care.
  2. Witkoppen Health and Welfare Center
    Pelargon milk powder is available to babies of mothers who are part of the PMTCT programme, as well as to babies whose mothers are part of the poverty alleviation programme.
    The clinic networks with a variety of organisations, as a research site, for example. Partner organisations include Soul City, Hope for Life Hospice, the Right to Care organisation, and the Community Aids Response (CARE), which is in the process of establishing a satellite station at the clinic.
  3. Cotlands
    Cotlands is a non-profit South African organisation that provides for orphaned and vulnerable children’s needs. We are currently active in six provinces, providing a full continuum of care to over 8,000 beneficiaries. Our projects offer services ranging from community based care through to residential care of vulnerable children between the ages of 0 and 12 years. Most of the children come to us having been neglected, abused, abandoned or suffering from a life-threatening illness. Our programs include home based care, early childhood development centres, toy libraries, food gardens, counselling, places of safety and end-stage palliative care for children with AIDS.
  4. Ethembeni: Salvation Army Home for Abandoned Babies
    Ethembeni Chidren’s home aims to accommodate abandoned HIV/AIDS infected and affected babies.Ethembeni provides care for up to 60 children from birth to 3 years. All children in need of care are admitted irrespective of their health status. Children who have been abandoned, removed from abusive situations or removed from carers who are not able to adequately meet the needs of the child, are placed at Ethembeni by the Commissioner of Child Welfare.
  5. Princess Alice Adoption Home
    Princess Alice Adoption Home is a facility of the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society. Their primary service is to act as a place of safety to now 30 babies as the Home has recently received an upgrade of capacity from 25 babies to 30 during April 2008. The babies admitted to our care, are mostly from the Johannesburg, Gauteng area.Their secondary function is to serve pregnant girls in crisis. The Home becomes their home for anything from a few days to a few months, while they wait out their pregnancy eventually giving the baby up for adoption, or keeping it.

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