Why I do this every year?

Sometimes, we pass people in the streets. They “use” babies to illicit sympathy. I give in, sometimes, most times. My feeling is that we have become so oblivious to suffering of others, that we easily allow a baby to go hungry.

Every year, in spite of life, work and everything else, I take up this cause, which is easy to do, because I want to make a difference.

You’ll never know how heart breaking it feels to walk into a room filled with babies who are all going to die. I do. It feels terrible.

They are so beautiful, one would never think it is sick or has been abandoned.

The Annual Toy Drive is a fun initiative, which I started 5 years ago, to raise both funds and awareness, and even if you took 5 minutes to donate some cash or look for toys to donate, you’re doing something selfless, for someone who needs it badly.

I picked toys (and now baby-gear) because children are … children. At this stage of their lives, they are receiving the bare minimum, but what about their development needs?

Toys provide stimulation and happiness.

Add to that my selfish need to focus on something else as the end of the year draws to a close and I am in need of an energy driver until the year ends :).

So … do your bit and spread the word and help me raise funds or donate some toys if you are in Johannesburg area. Donate now.




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