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Thank you, you beautiful souls!

To all those who have donated cash, toys, time, venues, baby clothes, gear and more, a thousand thank-you’s are never enough. We’ve received R5,000 in cash and over R5,000 in donations, so thank you for helping us contribute to three beneficiaries this year, what a wonderful feeling ♡♡.

We’ve made our first delivery to the Princess Alice Adoption Home on Easter Friday (14th April 2017) and thank heavens I had lots of soft toys as there were only 2 care-givers, taking care of 30+ babies/toddlers. I was “attacked / mauled” by little kids screaming “mommy” and when I eventually sat down because one of the kids refused to go down, all of them (the walking ones) came running and sat on top of me, forming a toddler mountain.

They (the helpers) need hands.

Anyway, I would have done the second delivery today, but my son has a fever. Will try tomorrow (although I would not want to pass a bug to any little things at the next beneficiary), else in the week or next weekend, the final beneficiaries will be donated too.

That means there is still time to donate via PayPal: info@ or via Zapper (see code below) or via EFT.

Please continue to support. We need more soft toys and most of the teddy’s are more than R100 each, making it very hard to stretch the donations for many soft toys.

To those who have supported again, a massive thank you.