The ANNUAL TOY DRIVE is an initiative founded by Shana Kay. In 2008, she decided to take the chance and host the first of what would become an annual event. The first Annual Toy Drive was held in 2008 and was a great success and well attended.

The ANNUAL TOY DRIVE is aimed at raising toys for Hospital play areas, orphanages and charities with a focus on babies and toddlers. Shana Kay started the ANNUAL TOY DRIVE as a way to help those who would like to give back to society, but not sure how.

Being a frequent visitor at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital as a child due to her bouts of Epilepsy (which she has since outgrown), this was one of the ways she was hoping to give back.

How can you support this initiative?

Easy, attend an event and drop a toy or donate some cash, simple as that. Should you choose to participate in the delivery, let me know. Else, your part is simple and you get to have some fun.

Annual Toy Drive is set to be loads more fun this year. Get involved today!

Some learning/lessons over the years:

The word toy and that in in fact covers a wide variety of categories:

  • teddy bears
  • story books
  • coloring books
  • puzzles
  • play dough
  • dolls
  • lego toys / building blocks
  • kiddie ball and bat sets etc
  • educational
  • sporting kits
  • sports equipment etc.
  • educational

How it works?
Event one: usually at some stage during the year 
On arrival at the venue with your toy / toys, gain entry to the venue and socialize, have some drinks and snacks and listen to some entertainment. EASY, since your job is done the minute you have handed in your toy.

If you cannot attend an event, you may donate via PayPal: info@

What happens after the event?
The next few days, our Toy Drive team gets together to parcel toys into various care packages for delivery to the various charities.

Event two: the delivery
Our first delivery was by the Seat Car Club. We were very lucky to have them on board. Now, volunteers, will be delivering various care packages to the selected charities.

The original idea was to have a “Toy-Off” between TOY RUN and TOY DRIVE? However the vision is to combine all the Toy Drives in South Africa and enter the Guinness Book of World Records for raising the most amount of toys in 1 setting. Crazy, I know, but not impossible. It is still on our lists of “to-do’s”.

We welcome any other ideas, please email them to info@annualtoydrive.org.

Annual Toy Drive
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