TOY DRIVE would like to thank and acknowledge the following people and companies for their support:


  • Kevin Derman
  • Jan Booden
  • Various parents at Mina Lopato


  • Kevin Derman
  • Jan Booden


  • Kevin Derman
  • Jan Booden
  • Sydney Kirk


  • Jan Booden
  • Kevin Derman
  • Derek Abdinor
  • Shana Kay
  • More to follow …


  • Jan Booden
  • Shana Kay
  • Kevin Derman
  • Helene De Ridder
  • Diana George
  • Others to be added …

2011 Supporters and Sponsors

  1. Williams Hunt
    1. Branches in Johannesburg as drop-off locations
    2. Their vehicles for delivering the items
    3. For spreading the word and supporting this selfless initiative
  2. DJ Webster
    1. For motivating me to have an event, thanks Webster!
    2. For sponsoring his time to DJ
    3. For securing the location
  3. Kevin Derman
    1. Donating entertainment to one lucky hospital
  4. Ben Williams on behalf of Exclusive Books
  5. Diana George
    1. Sand Art (2010 and 2011)
  6. McDonalds South Africa
    1. Ronald McDonald for his appearance
    2. 3 boxes of toys

2009 Supporters and Sponsors

Our sponsors and supporters are vital to our success and we are privileged to acknowledge them:

  • Maxxor Software Services – newsletter distribution
  • Maxxor Software Services – web development for the website
  • Epic Digital – Newsletter design
  • Epic Digital – Website design

Delivery of toys

  • Clayton Fletcher – Seat Car Club
  • Dominic Williams – Seat Car Club

Jamiel Ryklief – Boschendal
Deborah Wynne – Push Play
Ntsiki – Stellakaya Wine

Naufal Khan (Indian Spice)
Quentin Pavitt
Jo Duxbury (
Mathieu Coquillon (Amazing Vouchers)
Rodney Douglas (Enablis)
Taryn Jonas (Ukwenza Designs )

Drinks and snacks:
Dilip Naran (BHG South Africa) – Snacks
Marina Scheffers – Snacks
Caroline Lowlings (WineDiva) – Drinks sponsor
Heiko Eberle – Drinks
Leslie Maliepaard ( – Wineweb

Toys prior to the event:
Amanda Chetty (Skyrove) – Cash donation (Purchased lego set)
Mathieu Coquillon (Amazing Vouchers) – Toys
Mauro Mercuri (Tactile Technologies) – Books and Toys

Venue offering:
The following people offered their venues as host for the Toy Drive, but due to size or location, we were unable to use their venue. We would like to thank them for their generous offers:

Flavio Manzo (Salsa on Rose)
Michael Lan (
Monique Maneveld – Orange Marmalade
Abby Chapel – Hemisphere

Friends, family and colleagues (and strangers, now friends):
Adelah Ederies
Carl Wastie
Carline Lowlings
Delamaine du Toit
Diana George
Dino Moran
Dominique Menenez
Edward Lawrence
Helene De Ridder
Jo Duxbury
Leslie Maliepaard
Najwa Gierdien
Nazley Brandt
Nico Bleeker
Rhejana Drummond
Tasch Petersmann
Tyrone Paulsen
Quintin Pavitt
Zaheer Hamdulay