Thank you for your donations

A big thank you to the following people for already getting involved and donating cash and/or toys: Jan Booden * Kevin Derman ***** Mustapha Baboo *** Raj Moodaley * Raylene Samuels * Darren Bester * Derek Abdinor (PayPal) Jan Booden (PayPal)  **** Jenny Scriven ***** Marcia Moreira *** Leanne Nel * Helene De Ridder ***** […]


2012 Beneficiaries

2012 Annual Toy Drive did not raise the amount we had hoped for and of the 5 beneficiaries listed below, we could only choose one. The Ethembeni Children’s Home is in the most need. They are the selected 2012 beneficiary. The items will be delivered on 17 December 2012. ————————————————————————————————– Meet our 2013 beneficiaries, 5 […]


Accepting donations early

We’re accepting donations of as little a R50. Donation is easy, EFT or PayPal. Support this worthy cause 🙂 PayPal – info@ Need to know how this works? FNB & PayPal, how to send money? EFT Details: Annual Toy Drive Bank: FNB Account Number: 62334344405 Branch Code: 25535500 If you need to donate goods, please email for […]


Successful Annual Toy Drive 4 done and dusted …. and thanks to you!

A huge thank you to the following people: Stuart Caldwell – for connecting with me last year and being the incredible driver behind drumming up support from Williams Hunt and for ensuring we had a vehicle to deliver the goods with. Thank you Williams Hunt for their generous cash donation DJ Webster for making it all happen, Exclusive […]


Toy Drive 2011 – with a twist …

So 2011 has flown by with a flurry of change and great news, Toy Drive is going to take Jozi on this year. I would have loved to have one in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but time is against me. So, this year, we are doing it for the following organisation (more to follow): BHCC – […]


☆ • ★ • 2010 Toy Drive Programme ☆ • ★ • ☆

Our programme for the official Annual Toy Drive has arrived. 7:00pm – everyone arrives 😉 with toys / donations ░L░♥░V░E░ you 7.45 – Dale Derman – 2 songs 8.15 – Saalim Ismail – 8.15 – Band who performs at Fresh Verses (to finalise) 8.45 – Matt Allison 9.30 – Raylene Song Bird   If she […]


2008 Supporters and Sponsors

2008 Supporters and Sponsors Maxxor Software Services – newsletter distribution Maxxor Software Services – web development ( website) Epic Digital – Newsletter design Epic Digital – Website design Hush Hush – Marketing Fashion TV – Venue     Delivery of toys Clayton Fletcher – Seat Car Club Dominic Williams – Seat Car Club Entertainment Carl […]